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White Bright. Cucumber- Bentonite Clay

White Bright. Cucumber- Bentonite Clay

SKU: 046

Facial & Body soap for oily to dry skin. The ingredients in this soap are so nutritious and gentle that you can use it perfectly on the body, face and hair.
Cucumber: Revitalizes, rejuvenates and hydrates skin, reverses skin tanning, soothes dark circles, controls puffiness of the eyes, helps soothe sunburn, controls oil secretion and acne, treats open pores and heat bumps on legs, fights cellulite, treats freckles and blemishes, and due to its nutrient content gives strength and shine to the hair and promotes its healthy growth. Bentonite (White) Clay: The gentlest clay great for sensitive dry skin. It softens your skin with super gentle bits for a mild exfoliation. It cleanses and heals the body helping detoxify the skin and defend it against illness.



    • Organic Cucumber.
    • Bentonite Clay.
    • Cucumber fragrance oil, Clear glycerin soap base. 
    • No color additives.
    • Weight: 3.5 oz.
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