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Double Oak- Sunflower Oil

Double Oak- Sunflower Oil

SKU: 32

Protects and Moisturizes Hair.

White Oak Bark & Oak Moss: As an antiseptic protects and prevents from Sepsis. Gives relief from painful cramps in the body, stiff joints and muscles. Prevents and soothes inflammation and skin Irritation. Moisturizes the skin. Prevents the visible signs of aging and helps with a speedy recovery to repair the damages of the skin and restore it to the normal healthy state. Reduces stress. Keeps your scalp and hair free from infections, redness, itching, flakes and wounds and keeps them moist and smooth.

Sunflower Oil: As one of the healthiest oils for consumption as well as application on the skin and the hair, sunflower oil helps the skin retain its moisture, is extremely high in Vitamin E which protects the skin cells by UVA of the sun. Is rich in vitamins A, C and, D, which form a protective barrier on the skin. Reduces Premature Signs Of Aging. Removes dead cells and impurities from the skin; controls Frizzy Hair, helps in conditioning greasy hair, nourishes the hair and prevents breakage and thinning of hair. Is beneficial for normal to dry, dehydrated or sensitive skin.



    • Oak Moss Essential Oil.
    • Natural white Oak Bark.
    • Organic Sunflower Oil.
    • Clear glycerin soap base. 
    • No color additives.
    • Weight: 3.5 oz.
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